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By sponsoring the Des Moines Derby Brats your business has the unique opportunity to reach a large and varied demographic of skaters, their families and OUR fans. 

Des Moines Derby Brats home bouts draw crowds that average about 100-200 in attendance. Spring Slam Derby Jam crowds average 300-500 in attendance. Our players are ages 10-18 and an average of 10% of our fans are under the age of 10; proudly upholding the our vision that roller derby is a sport for all ages and is a family-friendly event. 

The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) 2012 Demography Survey showed the following about fans:


  • 61% are female, 39% male
  • 38% are between 25-34, 45% are between 35-54
  • 27% live with children under 18
  • 84% have at least some college education; 63% have earned their degree
  • 33% have an annual household income of $75k or more
  • 82% of all fans know the sponsors that support their local derby league
  • 95% hold a favorable opinion of these sponsors as a result
  • 75% have patronized businesses that sponsor their local derby league


You could be one of those businesses that benefits too! 

Don’t miss the opportunity to partner with the Des Moines Derby Brats as our team continues to be a highly visible and quickly-growing sports team in the Des Moines area. 

Contact us at desmoinesderbybrats@gmail.com for more information!